Woodburning Outdoor Stainless Steel Freestanding Pizza Oven

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The Forno di Italy Woodburning Pizza Oven is constructed using the same old-world techniques that have been used to make the finest pizza ovens in the world. Using only the highest-quality fire brick and stainless steel, Forno di Siena's pizza ovens will last many years. The Forno di Siena oven uses genuine firebrick on the interior of the dome along with 3" of fiberglass insulation between the brick and stainless steel outer dome. The brick interior allows the oven to achieve a higher temperature more quickly and maintain an even cooking temperature for a longer time, and the added fiberglass insulation prevents the outer dome from becoming dangerously hot during use. The exterior of the oven is constructed of high-grade stainless steel with a powder-coated outer dome.

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