Stainless Steel Countertop Pizza Oven

Sale price$445.77


  • Assembly is simple and can be stored when not in use! The durable all-stainless steel construction will last and handle the rigors of cooking and travel. Cook fantastic meals in your backyard, bring your oven camping, wow friends at your next tailgate or outdoor gathering!

Product Description
Simple to use and fast to cook your favorite meals, you’ll be pizza pro in no time thanks to our oven’s enclosed stainless steel design! Cook your favorite types of pizza in minutes! With the included baking stone, you’ll get that perfect crispy crust on the bottom and around the edges. Cook fantastic meals in your backyard, camping, or outdoor gathering!

Product Details
  • Product Type: Countertop
  • External Material: Stainless Steel
  • Maximum Temperature: 950°F
  • Adult Assembly Required: Yes

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